How to Develop a Back to School Bedtime Routine

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One of the hardest things for me to do as a single mom is getting my two girls ready for school!  I am not kidding —  fighting to get them out of bed, fighting them to get dressed,  yelling at them to stay focused, and to quit fighting over clothes!  This is why this year I decided to come up with a PLAN to make things easier – a back to school bedtime routine. #kidgoals

It’s a well know fact that children need routine in their daily lives – they thrive in a structured environment.  Giving a child a routine to follow actually teaches them how to be in control of their emotions and their environment.  A good routine helps children feel secure – and a great bedtime routine is a great way to start (at any age).

Establish a set bedtime.   The amount of sleep a child needs depends on several factors,  including age of the child.  Sleep is important for their developing brains and bodies –> so here is a handy reference chart to go by.

This chart was first posted by Wilson Elementary School of Kenosha, WI.

Give a bedtime warning to start the wind down process.  I know my girls do well when I give them a warning that bedtime is approaching.  I always let them know an hour before hand, so they can start their bedtime routine.

Turn off the technology.  Studies have shown that by turning off electronics an hour before bedtime helps you fall asleep easier and faster.

Use books and music to help relax children before bed.  Using books and music before bed can help your children relax.  This is also a wonderful bonding time for parents and children.  It can also help strengthen their reading and other learning skills as well.  Bonus.  Check out our kid book reviews for some book suggestions.

Create a tasks checklist for children to use.  We created this laminated task list together.  The girls can consult this chart before bedtime, and cross off things as they complete them.   I think it’s a wonderful way to help the girls take initiative and help in the bedtime process.

Take baths at night.  I prefer giving my girls their baths at night.  I have found that it not only saves time in the mornings, but it helps relax them before bed.  It also gives them a last minute “play session”.  I always have lavender bubble bath, lotion, or bath fizzes on hand for the nights they are especially wound up!  Check out our other bath time posts for fun ideas.

Lay out your clothes and bags the night before.  Save yourself some time and effort in the morning by having the kids pick out their outfits for the next day.  I also check the weather at this time.

One of my favorite stores to find the perfect school clothes is Gymboree.  They provide quality, coordinated outfits for every occasion – including the first day of school.  I love how their clothes are super comfy, and mix and match perfectly.  This is a plus on my list because the girls wear the same size, so this keeps them from fighting over clothes.  Everything just mixes and matches perfectly!

Are you ready to get a back to school bedtime routine established? Give these tips a try and see how they can help your child get their best sleep – and start this school year off right!

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89 thoughts on “How to Develop a Back to School Bedtime Routine

  1. I love the constellation dress. I hope my son (6th grade) learns to play the trumpet well. I hope my daughter continues her excellent grades (2nd grade).

  2. Lots of great tips! I am also all about setting a bedtime and routine. Each of my children also has a morning checklist that they can mark off each activity as they complete it. They love the sense of accomplishment!

  3. love this! we use a bedtime routine visual schedule with our toddler – it’s been so helpful! we have each task on her list with velcro so it’s extra fun to “tear off” when she finishes a task!

  4. Goals would include the same bedtime schedule, doing their best in school, playing an instrument and reading.

  5. We always start easing into bedtime and wake up time routines the beginning of August. We change both 15 minutes each week so that by September the schedule is in place.

  6. love all the tips and helpful ideas with bedtime. It can be a struggle but if you plan and jump on it ahead of time it makes the transaction easier!

  7. My daughter’s #KidGoals this school year is to be more prepared and active in her physical education class. I love the Gymgo line at Gymboree for girls.

  8. Would love to win for my 5 year old granddaughter. No cute clothes here, we only have a Walmart.

  9. I always gave my son the bedtime of 8pm but now that he is 10 I don’t know everyone says different times, but I just need to maybe do different times each day or pick a schedule time and keep it that way maybe I will do 9pm this time since hes 10. lol

    I have tried leaving comments and they never show up using WordPress — for the contest, my tip is to let the kids pick a bedtime story.
    digicats {at} sbcglobal {dot} net

  11. I wish I could just have my daughter stick to a routine. She does homework and goes to bed. That’s about the only routine we have.

  12. We don’t really have a strict routine. I just make sure homework is done, theyplay, then we eat and go to bed.

  13. Since we home school we don’t have much of a bedtime routine though when she is ready to go to bed we do like to read a book.

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