Review of  The Little Prince: The New Mission 

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When we last saw the Little Prince, he had defeated the Snake by trapping him in his sketchbook. All is calm in the galaxy once again. Life on B612 has resumed to normal. Rose, Fox, and the Little Prince are living peacefully, maybe too peacefully….Then one night, Rose hears the Snake telling her that she has a home planet with a family and it sounds like they are in danger. Can this be true? Can there be a Planet of the Roses?

Rose asks the Little Prince to find her planet and fast. The Little Prince promises Rose that he will go look for her Planet of the Roses. He asks Fox to keep an eye on Rose as he flies off on his plane. The Little Prince promises he will return soon to trim the baobabs on B612. During his quest to find the Planet of the Roses, the Little Prince encounters four new characters: the hunter, the geographer, the king, and the businessman. As he meets each one, they tell him that Rose’s planet is in another galaxy far beyond interstellar space and offer to help him find the planet.

Meanwhile, back on B612, the baobabs continue to grow, Rose and Fox continue to argue, and then the Snake is freed from the sketchbook! Upon the Little Prince’s return to B612 he learns of Snake’s escape and realizes he must set off on a new mission to fight his worst enemy again. Will he succeed? Will he ever find the Planet of the Roses? Embark on a new mission with Little Prince and friends!

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Our Review:  Both the girls really loved this movie!  They watched the entire movie kriss kross applesauce — eagerly watching every twist and turn in the movie.  We can’t wait to see the next Mission.  We love the Little Prince.

We were first introduced to the Little Prince on Netflix.  We really loved this family movie, so we were looking forward to reviewing this spin off!  It did not disappoint us!  I provided a trailer for the “Little Prince” down below.

I couldn’t find a trailer for “The New Mission” or I would have provided that for you… BUT trust me, it is wonderful!
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