Create your own virtual aquarium with virtual pets – product review

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We got to the pleasure of reviewing a really fun product, called Ocean Pets.  Ocean Pets pairs augmented reality with creativity to turn every space into your own virtual aquarium. Use the special putty and ocean templates to create our own ocean pets. Then, scan your Ocean Pet creations, and see them come to life. Care for your Ocean Pets and learn facts about the ocean and its inhabitants.

Ocean Pets comes in a nicely designed compact box with 8 silicon fish-shaped molds (numbered 1-8 to scan into the app), a crafting tool, and brightly colored air drying clay!

The air drying clay comes sealed to prevent drying out. Once opened and in use, the lovely plastic containers close nice and tight to keep the clay from drying out. When you run out of the clay provided in the kit, you can top-up the pots with more air drying clay.  We found more and the dollar store 🙂


My children had so much fun making colorful sea creatures out of the clay.  I really loved that the clay wasn’t messy or sticky.  Air drying clay is a fantastic medium for children to play with.  My girls really enjoyed blending the colors, and making marbled effects with the clay.  They also decided to let their sea creatures dry out, and played with their new fish that way.


Scan and Explore

Once you’ve completed the fish you need to scan it into the app. Go to the app, select the number that matches your mold,a and scan your fish. We found holding the device at an angle works really well.

Once scanned, kids can name and care for their pets as they build out their unique underwater aquarium, all while learning facts about the ocean and its inhabitants. The more your child takes care of their ocean pet, the more special game features will be unlocked.  They can also take photos or record 10-second videos of their fish swimming in the aquarium. There are also voice recording capabilities built into the app. Once they are happy with their aquarium, kids can use it as a picture frame or take a selfie with them in the fish tank!

We think Ocean Pets is a brilliant craft kit and app for kids from ages 3+ and up.  Pai Technology has done a great job with the AR (augmented reality) technology

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