Gelli & Slime Baff Review


We were recently given the opportunity to try some products from Zimpli Kids.  The girls loved every product that we tried!  We are in love with this company!




The first product we tried was a Gelli Baff. It was the girls favorite!  You add powder to your bath, and it creates a thick pink goo.  It reminded me of small water beads, and gave the water a jello type texture.  It wasn’t as slippery as the slime, which I will talk about next, and was thicker.

Gelli baff, review on blog

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When the kids are done taking their bath, you add a “dissolver” power, and the goo turns back into water, and drains away easily.




The slime baff was the next product we tried.  You add powder to the water… and it turns it into a slimey, gooey, oozy bath.  It was thinner than the gelli (tip: use less water for thicker slime).   It reminded me of snot… and I kept thinking of a hit TV show from my childhood in which the contestants where “SLIMED.”  My girls liked it, but not as much as the Gelli.  They enjoyed “sliming” their toys and the shower wall.

Slime baff, review on blog

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When the kids are done with their bath, the slime safely drains away, and cleanup is easy.


We also got to try a new product called, SnoBall Battle Pack.  The girls really had fun with the snow.  You simply add water to power, and it creates snow to be enjoyed all year long.

Snoball battle pack, review on blog

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We had a snowball fight in our back yard!  The girls were full of giggles, and really had a blast!


Thank you so much Zimpli Kids for letting us try your products, we had a blast!



How to Make Slime


My daughters love slime — so we have been on a mission learning how to make it!

Here is our favorite recipe so far!


  • White Glue
  • Foaming Shaving Cream
  • Food Coloring or Washable Paint
  • Saline Solution {for sensitive eyes, store brand and contains both sodium borate

We had a blast making slime. Click link in the bio for recipe #slime

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STEP 1:  Put 2 bottles of white glue into a bowl.

STEP 2:  Put about 3 cups of shaving cream into a bowl.

STEP 3: Now add the color!  We used washable kid paint because it had glitter in it.  You can use regular old food coloring though.

STEP 4: Add 1 tablespoon of the saline solution to the mixture and start stirring.  Add more saline solution until the mixture doesn’t stick to the bowl anymore.

STEP 5: Spend a few minutes kneading the slime

STEP 6:  Have fun!