Painting Fireworks

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We decided to paint fireworks this weekend.  🙂

This is really easy and fun.  

  1. Put some shavingcream on a cookie sheet.  
  2. Place dots of color
  3. Star out the paint with a q-tip
  4. Place thick white paper on the creations and press down lightly
  5. Let sit for a few minutes and remove.
  6. Set aside and let the paint dry for about 5-10 minutes 
  7. Scrap off shaving cream with a card.  (We used junk mail)

     This is also a fun way to make fireworks!

    1. Cut a toiletpaper roll with strips – halfway up.
    2. Place paint on paper plates.
    3. And have fun stamping some fireworks!

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    5 thoughts on “Painting Fireworks

    1. This looks like so much fun, not just for kids, but me as well. I like doing these sort of art projects with the kids.

    2. This looks like so much fun, my kids would love it! I remember using shaving cream to clean the desks on the last day of school when I was little, it was so much fun to play with! I am definitely doing this one, thanks for sharing!

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