My Review of the Very Hungry Caterpillar Surprise Slides Game

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Our #TuesdayTryThis is an awesome game we recently purchased on Amazon called “The very Hungry Caterpillar Surprise Slides Game.


My girls absolutely love the Hungry caterpillar Book, so I knew that they would fall in love with this game.  We had so much fun playing it, and I was surprised at how well it kept their attention.  I even found them playing it together (without Mom) — how awesome is that!

This game is perfect for teaching because it:

  • Promotes color recognition
  • Encourages turn-taking and playing together
  • Perfect first game for preschoolers

The colors of this game a beautiful and vibrant.  You also switch the tiles during the game, which changes the game play (the slides) — which makes it exciting and new every time!  I really adore the game pieces, they are little worms.

The only thing I hated about the game, and it really isn’t a big deal, was that the flip over pieces fit too snugly (mom has to help) — so I just placed them down loosely on top and that solved the problem.

A FRIENDLY NOTE from a mom who has plenty of experience with games not lasting in her house –> I suggest putting the game away yourself after the kids are done playing with it.  This will keep the game nice, and will help you keep track of all the pieces.  I keep our games in my closet where the kids can’t reach them.  If they want to play with them they have to ask me to get them down.  This helps me keep track of everything, and allows the game to be used more than once.

Note from Elizabeth: This is just an honest post that was not sponsored by the manufacturer. I just really like using this product & wanted to share it with you. Enjoy!

Click here to purchase a copy for yourself today!

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