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I recently won a twitter RT competition from HeartNSoulbyUS, an etsy store. My family loved the products so much, we wanted to write a review.

My girls favorite item from the giveaway were the bath bombs.  We received a lavender one which was great for relaxing and calming the kids down before bed.  They loved how the bath bomb fizzed and created color in the bath.  It was a huge hit.

We took a look at the etsy shop,  and here are a few of our favorite bath bombs.

The girls picked this one as a favorire because it reminds them of Rainbow Dash!!  It is so colorful and fun.

My girls love shopkins, so this was a favorite when they saw these.

Who doesn’t love a suprise!? .. Just pop these in your kids bath… and tadda it fizzes into a NEW bath toy!  Suprise!!!!

One of my personal favorites from the giveaway was the sugar scrub.  I loved it because it exfoliates your skin gently, while moisturizing it with oils.  My skin was smiling after I used this product.

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